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Fall Colors 2018

Summer is probably every ones favorite season, but Fall is definitely a close second! Especially when it comes to the beautiful and rich colors. As the days get colder and shorter we want to feel the comfort and warmth from within our homes. The vibrant bright summer colors are replaced with a warm and richer palette. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate these new trends on your walls. Burnt orange We can see the changing foliage through this color. Giving […]

Catch a Wave series

Catch a Wave Series was inspired by the passion for the ocean that Nazaré’s Praia de Norte exudes.  The beach just over the cliff also in Nazaré called Praia do Norte has become world famous because of its giant and unpredictable waves.  Every year from October to February a surfing competition is held attracting surfers from all of the world, which brings this quaint fishing village back to life during the winter months. Also well known for the Guinness world record wave […]

The Scandinavian look

How to live Scandinavian Seems like we’ve all heard about the Scandinavian Interior Design, but what is it all about? Emerging in the 1950’s, the elegant Scandinavian décor is popular for it’s simplicity and minimalist flair. The colors are left neutral giving the space a clean and calming look, but still managing to feel cozy. Details aren’t excessive, but form and function are very important. The furniture is modern, with clean lines, smooth around the edges and natural hues. The historic […]

The design files

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